7 ways to get back to business after Corona

The total bummer known as Corona has spread over the world like dust in the wind. You’re probably really tired of hearing about it right now and just wished the whole thing would disappear, but unfortunately that won’t happen in an instant. There are, however, definitely actions you can take to get back to business again. In this article, we list 7 of them.

1. Keep  your customers and team informed about what’s going on

Not knowing what’s going on and fearing for the worst is one of the worst feelings out there. Make sure that you don’t put your customers and team in that exact position. Let everybody know what to expect and what the plan for the future looks like.

2. Be mindful of the situation

If you are selling products or services that, for example, require a human component establish that your customers know that you have their health and safety as a top priority. Offer hand disinfectant, contact-free delivery options, and to meet them digitally or outdoors. It might not always be necessary, but giving them the option will be seen as a nice gesture no matter what.

3. Don’t focus too much on your products or services

This is not the right time to do an extensive marketing campaign where you boast about how good your product or services are. Instead, try to communicate how you can make your customers’ lives easier. Perhaps you have adapted your offering due to Corona like Uber, Filmstaden, and many other companies? Then focus on that instead!

4. Be flexible and stay positive

COVID affects everybody in one way or another. Now you have the opportunity to show the world that your company is one of the good ones. Does one of your suppliers have a hard time meeting their deadline? Cut them some slack. This doesn’t mean that you should be a pushover, just that you should try and make your reputation even better. Positivity will always triumph.

5. Think about the needs of tomorrow

The people that succeed are the ones who plan for the future. When the world experiences a shift new opportunities also appear. Just look at the companies who were quick on the ball and managed to produce face masks, hand disinfectant, and webcams at the beginning of the pandemic –  they are the winners of today.

6. Focus on digital communication

Many meetings and conversations can easily be managed through services like email, Zoom, and Teams. If you have previously communicated mainly through more traditional channels – now is the perfect time to make the switch.

7. Try and give back

If you end up not needing the Corona support you might have received from the government, consider to give it back. This will not only show huge amounts of goodwill, but it will also be something that others will talk about. Just look at Bonnierförlagen.

Are you interested to get more advice on how to launch you in the wake of Corona? Or are you just looking for someone to bounce ideas with? Then click here!

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