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Are you looking for a boost in your role as a leader or project manager? The Roll started a collaboration earlier this year with Peopletransition. They have built a one week learning and development program for new and seasoned leaders to increase self-awareness and self-leadership.

BOOST is a flexible and individual program designed to increase your leadership skills and your team’s performance. With this program you work independently over the time-span of a week to build a growth mindset. You are challenged to reflect upon yourself as a leader, set goals and create an action plan for improvement. The essence of the program is self-questioning, so it is important to be humble as well as open to self-reflection.

  1. Save time – everything is effective, easy and safe online.
  2. Has the flexibility to make your life puzzle work for you.
  3. Creates effect in your development – increases motivation, clarifies goals and next step.

According to research and proven experience, this mix is what creates the best conditions for developing your leadership skills.

One of The Rolls employees, Jens Woestenburg, tried out the program a couple of weeks ago. We asked him to share his experience with you so you can get a fuller picture of how the program is structured.

What was your experience of the program?

– I’ve experienced the program to be a smart hybrid between coaching and online learning. Peopletransition has intelligently captured the activity of coaching, and asking reflective coaching questions, in an online platform. It does require the participant to be open minded, and self disciplined but with the 1 hour daily activity to follow this is very manageable. The program week helped me formulate, crystallize and reflect upon my goals. For me it felt like sitting down alone, taking a few hours to really get your mind going on what it is you are trying to reach. The program then creates a framework for you to reflect upon your thoughts in the form of models and lectures. This led to some strong self-formulated action items and even immediate changes in my daily work. It is a great guide in self-driven development.

What did you learn? 

– It does not necessarily “teach” content. This program rather uses models and theory to help you reflect and frame your thought to build a growth mindset. The outcome rather is that I have changed my working/management style, and set goals to develop certain skills that I know now I need to develop further in my role and be a better asset to the team.

What was the biggest challenge?

The biggest challenge is to consistently sit down with yourself to reflect and formulate your goals. As you have to do it without that ‘person’ (coach) that drives the conversation for you.

Who do you recommend this program to?

I recommend this to new team leaders or project managers that are humble and open to reflection on themselves. Being critical of the skills they can develop for the better of the team. I also recommend this program to more senior leaders who want to take the first steps into developing a growth mindset.



– To be honest I was quite surprised the BOOST program was able to capture coaching questions in an online format so well. I still felt supported by Peter as he sometimes sent extra reflective questions and wrapped up the week with a very good coaching session that really completed my action plan. I felt energised to work on the skills I set to develop!




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Hanna Bladin

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