Coaching For Your Management Team

As the saying goes, “Teamwork makes the dream work”. Great people can accomplish so much more together than they can on their own. But, working in teams is not always easy, diverse opinions can create difficulties. Experience sometimes triumphs knowledge and visa versa.

The Roll provides “Coaching for Management Teams” in which each member of the team receives individual as well as team coaching. This method is very effective at creating united teams. Highly capable and accomplished coaches at The Roll can help you take your team and organization to the next level.

From workshops to multi-year programs, we offer a variety of team development programs designed to create high performing teams, increase trust and improve communication.



Workshops are among the most popular methods we use to increase team performance, create trust and shared goals. We recently supported the team at Mapiful, a personal home decor provider that highlights uniqueness. Personalized Mapiful products take you on a journey of gratitude and remembrance. They aim to inspire growth, personal story, and inner strength.

The management received individual coaching, team coaching and also workshops together with the entire organization. Our latest event together with Mapiful took place at the beginning of June, just as summer was beginning. Grant Calder, Stina Palmqvist and Christelle Pottinger held a workshop for the management team in the morning and after lunch the rest of the company joined.

It was a long and interesting day with a lot of powerful exercises, insights and discussions. One of our most loved exercises “The Flower” where you write down 3 things to everyone of your colleagues and give it to them as a flower, was an appreciated end to this final workshop with Mapiful.

Top tip: Get the most out of your events by including semi-structured time for reflection and bonding between activities during the workshops.

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Hanna Bladin

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