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Tailor made programs
Welcome to The Roll’s bespoke leadership programs, where success is not just a buzzword, but a tangible outcome for our clients. Our program is not your run-of-the-mill course format, it is as we like to consider it, a tailor made, purpose driven suit, made to fit your company’s and your unique needs and goals. This personalized approach has proven to be a recipe for success, with long-term benefits for our clients, even extending beyond the workplace.

The Roll Leadership programs involve an active collaboration between us and our clients with a duration of three to twelve months, depending on your needs, time, and budget. During this period, we conduct multiple workshops with the team as well as individual meetings with our executive coaches to ensure comprehensive development.

Realize Your Potential and Achieve Maximum Performance

At the heart of our program lie five core principles that are essential to unlocking your capabilities and achieving maximum performance: sustainability, holistic leadership, health, self-motivation, and team coaching.

We follow a tried and tested process; we kick off with an introductory call to document your needs and challenges, followed by a proposed action plan.

The epicentre of our strong team building program is to create sustainable, efficient, strong, and prosperous workgroups. At The Roll, we specialize in working with teams to foster effective collaboration, knowledge exchange, communication, and clearly defined roles and responsibilities. Our tailored coaching programs also focus on exploring employee motivations, increasing participation, preventing conflicts, providing feedback, and facilitating conflict management. Let us help your team work cohesively and achieve their goals.

Reach your goals with our programs
All in all – our programs enable you to clarify goals, build strategies, action plans, and adapt them to your specific business needs. You will learn more about each other, your different personality types, and tips on how to work better together to build trust and a shared belief in reaching your goals.

Through our leadership programs, you will also acquire tools for respectful and effective communication, to lead yourself and others. Our experienced coaches and consultants help you become more aware of perspectives, beliefs, and attitudes that hold you back from achieving your full potential and success.

At The Roll, we take pride in our customers’ success and make it a priority to provide a professional yet playful environment to foster growth, personal and team development.

Contact us today to experience the difference that The Roll’s bespoke leadership program can make for you and your team.

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Leadership and Development

Our most popular leadership development program
At The Roll, our largest and most popular program is all about collaborating intensively with you for three to twelve months, depending on your goals, needs, and situation. We are not just talking about a few one-size-fits-all workshops – we create a tailored plan that combines a number of days of workshops with individual meetings, including executive coaching.

The Roll’s approach to leadership development is all about creating a well-functioning group, and we take a long-term, strategic approach to coaching both in groups and individually. Here are some of the principles that guide our program:

  • Solidify the Goal – the goal and the way forward must be sustainable, attainable, and agreed upon. This is a safe place to discuss and work on how you will achieve your goals. 
  • Holistic – leadership that extends beyond the workplace into everyday life 
  • Health – we work with issues related to physical and mental health. How do you create space and opportunity for it at the workplace and in life?
  • Self-motivating – each participant has their own responsibility for their learning and development. How do you get space and time for that in your busy working day, and how do you follow up on responsibility?
  • The team – a good team has a coach who develops, leads, and helps you perform your best at all levels. How can you develop your coaching leadership – together?

Proven process
It all starts with a first call where we get to know your needs and challenges. From there, we offer you advice and suggest a way forward that you can go through. Together, we work on proposals for leadership programs and quotes. So, do not hesitate to reach out to us and start your journey towards becoming a more effective leader today!

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Building Effective Teams

Building strong teams – a thing of our time
For a reason, a great team is a key component of success of your organization. Whether it’s project groups, employees, or management teams, the purpose is to create an effective, strong, and prosperous working group. Unfortunately, many teams suffer from unclear goals, norms, rules of play, and roles and responsibilities, resulting in a lack of resources, high turnover, and ineffective leadership.

Our program is designed to help you realize your full potential as a team, to help you experience a new level of efficiency and natural direction in your cooperation. During the program, we work on the following:

  • Explore employees’ driving forces
  • Create increased participation
  • Methods for effective cooperation
  • Exchange of knowledge
  • Communication tools and exercises
  • Clarify roles and responsibilities
  • Prevent Conflicts
  • Feedback Methodology
  • Conflict Management

How does it work?
We work with a process to determine your needs and to deliver programs and coaching. We start by documenting the needs of your team. This happens during our first meeting, which can take place in person or online.

We then carefully analyze and describe our understanding of your team’s needs. Once we agree on the plan, we collaborate on the arrangements for how we can help your team. Finally, we produce a quote for the program.

Do not let unclear norms, ineffective meetings, and poor leadership hold your team back. Contact us today to start building a stronger, more effective team!

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Culture and Change

The workplace of a new era
Creating an inclusive workplace is crucial today where diversity is celebrated and all cultures, lifestyles, and identities are embraced. It is important to prioritize and promote an environment that values choice and supports individuals from all walks of life.
A positive and healthy work culture is essential for success, according to numerous surveys. Businesses with well-established and healthy work cultures experience higher positive results, lower personnel turnover, and have more space for innovation and development.

Create and maintain a positive culture
It can be such a challenge to establish and maintain a positive yet transparent and honest culture that is truly inclusive of everyone. At the Roll, we recognize that things like transparency, self-leadership, openness, and showing your vulnerability are key to leading others, particularly during times of change. 

Our program of Culture and Change provides you with the necessary tools, language, and coaching leadership to succeed in a new organization or business.

  • What is the clear vision for the organization in the future?
  • What is the current culture, and what is the desired future culture for the change?
  • What are the hurdles in your way?
  • How do we create understanding of where we’re going and why?
  • What sacrifices do we need to make to achieve the desired culture?
  • What are the roles in the new organization/culture?
  • How do we create motivation for initiative and power?
  • What is the methodology for making new behaviours and norms part of the structure?
  • How do we prevent and manage conflicts due to bias?

How to get started
We use The Roll’s process for leadership and schedule an initial meeting (in person or online) where we learn about your current challenges, goals, visions, timeframe, budget, and more. We then use this information to tailor a program design for your unique needs, after which we provide a quote.

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More about Leadership Development

Bespoke leadership
In today’s rapidly changing world, effective leadership is more important than ever. But with the added challenge of retaining top talent, the bar for leaders has been set even higher. That is where our bespoke leadership development programs come in. Whether you’re a new manager, a middle manager, a senior manager, or part of a management group, we offer tailored solutions to meet your needs. Our programs deliver tangible results, including increased well-being, improved team trust, and greater overall success for your company. We offer group workshops or individual executive coaching to help you take your leadership skills to the next level.

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