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95% of Clients Extend
the Cooperation

Ylva Schullström
Agenta Investment Management

”Coaching and leadership development has had a great positive impact and supported me to move forward to become a sustainable leader. The process has been reflective yet hands-on and therefore also contributed long after the actual sessions. The future YOU will be grateful for a genuin investment in finding your next move in your professional life. Just do it”.

Sina Vosough
Vice President of R&D
Seco Tools

”In my view I see two important aspects for successful leadership. First aspect is to understand yourself in order to be able to understand others. And secondly, to know what you want. Both are things that right coaching could support you with. Something I think The Roll beautifully helped me with”.

Johan Nylund
Head of Sales
Martin & Servera

”Coaching has given a sense of meaning and direction in both my personal and professional life. Thanks to his coaching abilities I have gained a higher understanding of my strenghts and potential. My coach is very experienced and dedicated. He has plenty of coaching tools, even for digital coaching even though the one-on-one meetings are the most fulfilling. The Roll also offered our sales team a group session which was highly appreciated. I can highly recommend The Roll as a coach!”

Kristoffer Arvidsson
Chief Procurement Officer & Head Of Supply Chain Excellence

”Coaching really had a big impact on how I view my career and on how to develop as a leader. But it also, maybe to my surprise, really meant a lot also for how I view my personal life and how to stay focused on what I really want for my self and my family in the long run. A truly powerful and important experience for me”.

Maja Hellström Ängerud
Boston Consulting Group

”My coaching session truly provided me with insights and new perspective. It felt great being able to discuss short term goals as well as long term visions. Despite being early on in my career development discussing long term visions with my coach felt important and soothing”.

David Moreno
Vice President of Ericsson Management Consulting & Head of Enterprise Management Frameworks

”The Roll provided excellent coaching. It helped me understand my strengths and weaknesses as well as plan my career in an ambitious, empathic and rational manner”.

Marie Beck
Chief Sales Officer (CSO)

”I have known my coach for three years now and it is always a great pleasure and extremely valuable to meet her during our coaching sessions. My coach is always interested and positive and you feel that she really understands your situation in a couple of minutes and she is very supportive. When I leave the coaching session it feels like I have the perfect plan for next step! I give The Roll my warmest recommendations”!

Fernanda Torre
CEO Next Agents & Visiting Teacher

”The professional coaching from The Roll has been decisive for me to set up my own business and have the confidence to take on my dreams! To have a coach is like having a constant voice supporting you and challenging you to go further! Do not be satisfied with where you are, allow yourself to grow and reach higher!”

Anna Samnegård Mejborn
Head of QA & QC

”I had the opportunity to be coached after my first leadership assignment. The coaching sessions were truly life changing for me. She guided me to discover my values and strengths as a leader and reflect on career choices. The reflections and insights made a sound base for my future challenges and I have taken on new roles with courage and confidence ever since.”

Maria Sandell
Head of Sustainability

”The coaching sessions helped me prioritize among my goals and activities. It also helped me realize my skills and Knowledge and helped me truly believe in my potential. Thanks to The Roll I have taken responsibility of my development, set up new challenging goals and activities and fulfilled more than I thought was possible. It made a huge difference to me.”

Mikael Rinstad
Co-founder & Head of CX

”Really helped me find a clear path forward.”

Christopher Duncan
VP of Product Line Food Preparation Europe

”Coahing helped me to grow as a leader and gave me confidence to make a strong personal impact in the organization, which was needed with the challenge I received at that time: creating a completely new division and driving a big transformation at Electrolux”

Josephine Pelle-Tchetagni
Strategic Product Management

”The Roll was my coach during my MBA in SSE. One of the most striking effects of the guidance is my growing ability to translate dreams into actionable goals. I was adamant in creating my own company after the MBA. I had no idea where to start, and I was further distracted by a complicated personal life. Coaching led me into considering realistic opportunities towards realizing that “big” vision, starting with low hanging fruits with the many possible developments in my current career. Today thanks to that I am more courageous to consider big challenges; I have experienced and realized how determining are smaller goals, with concrete victories, towards the ultimate vision. Today, while feeling confident in taking new challenges as a R&D leader in my current company, my mindset training help me to develop a more concrete idea of why and what I could do on my own.”

Jenny Rydåker
Kvinsta Kommun

”Coaching at The Roll has profoundly impacted my thought process, encouraging me to think more critically. Although the sessions can sometimes be uncomfortable in the moment, they have effectively helped me discover new perspectives and innovative approaches to tackling challenges in my professional life. This transformative experience has truly enhanced my personal growth and development.”

Farnaz Abroon
Head of CIO
Tieto EVRY

”Changing companies is a learning curve including everything from the practical stuff to company culture as well as growing into the new job. Changing from one international Finnish company to another might seem as an easy thing to do. I appreciate coaching into understanding the new culture and ways of working, figuring out the informal decision makers and power play (found in all large organizations) to understand how to navigate. I also value the many discussions about the steps to form my new entity, establish the required relationships inside the company and form strategies to get my job done.”

Pieter Slavenburg
Director of Sales

”My coach is incredibly intuitive, a wonderful listener, and highly pragmatic. She has a tremendous experience in a wide area of organizations across many cultures. Her coaching consisted to offer a view of my personal work situation swiftly. She reviewed my strengths and my area’s for improvement and helped me to build a growth plan to strengthen my career. She was extremely helpful in developing me to step up to manage the team I was an individual contributor too first. My coach is both an advisor and a coach to me. I’m very grateful to work with her and highly recommend her services to anyone who is looking to transform their career.”

Vera Nikolova
Head of Treasury Middle Office, Capital Analyst & Regulatory Reporting

”My coach is an incredibly talented, natural coach. He is a great listener and an invaluable source of advice and motivation. His coaching has always provided me with frank and neutral advice when it comes to career path and personal development. He has always been ready to challenge with new ways of thinking as well as making sure that I am supported and championed in the attainment of my goals. My coach’s uplifting and positive personality make him easy to communicate at any time and a pleasure to work with. My coach is truly one-of-a-kind and I strongly recommend him to anyone who is looking for an intuitive, sincere, and deeply passionate coach.”

Robin Blomquist

Chief Commercial Officer


”Turning curiosity, fragmented thoughts and ideas into tangible assets to help you grow and to be refreshingly honest to yourself, leading into selected paths and frontiers, leveraging your actual capabilities. That’s how I look back to my coaching sessions. At the same time you have to invest time and effort to get further than the traditional “on the surface” coaching, you have to dig in and look beyond! Stay curious!”

Anna Forsberg

Senior Director Business
Development & Strategic
Channel Transitions


”I’m privileged to have known my coach for over a decade and worked with her more than once! I’m happy to recommend The Roll to anyone who wants a positive and energetic coach! My coach gets involved and you can feel her genuine interest in you as a person! She gets to the point and are straight forward, no beating around the bush or throwing around quotes or corporate BS. A coach that can support you and push you depending on your goals! Balanced and very professional! My warmest recommendations to the Roll!”

Åsa Spängs
Svenska RE

”The Roll has been my coach during times in my career when I had new challenging roles in new markets. She has the ability to see things from different perspectives. Coaching often challenged my views, and as a consequence it developed more innovative solutions. She has a great personality and lots of humor which makes the meetings with her very energetic and inspiring.”

Sibylle Pierson
Boston Consulting Group

”I had four coaching sessions throughout my master’s degree. During times of uncertainty when I had to make many choices concerning my future career path, she was able to listen to my concerns and ask me the right questions to help me make my own choices. She helped me a lot to figure out the right choices to make, and build the confidence to pursue the opportunities I was most excited about.”

Marcus Ödling
Mobile Interaction

”Coaching gives you energy, direction, and tools to succeed professionally. The coaching sessions are focused on shifting the coachee towards the desired path in a very hands-on way, requiring both effort and commitment beyond just consuming insights. I can truly recommend The Roll as a career coach.”

Azar Aliyev
Research Analyst
Swedish House of Finance

”Sessions with my career coach made me think about my past challenges and derive priceless lessons from them. It was extremely valuable to analyze my career development options together with my coach and discover a lot about my true preferences in the process. Coaching also stimulated me to define my goals and helped my find ways to achieve them, making my experience truly amazing!”

Karin Ebbinghaus

”Coaching was perfect for me at that stage. It got me going and thinking! It also helped to eliminate fear and really drove me to set my goals. I found it very valuable to discuss a wide range of thoughts and to articulate my ambitions and ideas. I felt really heard and was able to focus on my thoughts. For me,  coaching was the catalyst I needed to move on with my career. I can highly recommend being on a roll with The Roll.”

Anna Broeders
Talent & Community Manager
Linköping Science Park

”Together with The Roll I discovered new strengths and ways to use these in different situations. After my coaching sessions, I have gotten hands-on tools that I, a few years later still use.”

Anna-Karin Arnald


Funka Mera

”My coaching sessions have been crucial, and in a sense even life changing, for me, my career, and the company i was inspired to start. The action plans that we set up have helped me to stick to my goals, and to never give up, even though the road there may be bumpy, and sometimes difficult to travel.”

Oscar Gonzalez
Senior Business Analyst

”The coaching sessions really helped me to understand my long-term career goals, and what alternative paths there are to reach them. By openly discussing my personal visions and objectives, it became very clear where I want to go and what actions will be necessary to reach those goals. My coach was great at asking the right questions that makes you think differently than you have done before.”

Sebastian Johansson
Business Developer

”Coaching that truly makes a difference! The coach will bring out the best in you and help you accelerate your path towards your goals!”

Lamin K. Darboe

CEO & Co-Founder


”The coaching sessions helped me learn how to leverage my strengths to benefit my career, but perhaps more important, is that it enabled me to identify my weaknesses and devise strategies to confront them.”

Maxim Dybok
Managing Director 
Hellermann Tyton

”Most inspiring coaching sessions (mind opening talks) in my life have come from The Roll! To keep balance despite adversities of outer world the great coach is the must to have. It is like the editor of your life story book while you’re constantly working on it – even most talented authors need some editorial feedback to succeed!”

Catrine Johansson
Group Head of Brand and
Digital Communication

”Coaching in general is a great tool for better insights and personal growth. With coaching from The Roll in particular, you also get the benefits of her positive attitude, excellent listening skills and extensive experience. Coaching means you get a sounding board. You also get the opportunity to take a step back and look at yourself from the outside. From there, a constructive and developing path forward will become clearer. However, for coaching to be successful, you have to be committed to doing the work. A coach can help you find your way, but you have to walk it.”

Janis von Zimmermann
Head of Business Development

”The coaching sessions with The Roll have been extremely insightful – both professionally and personally. While I first thought the main value is derived from practical insights (CV & Cover Letter check, interview advice etc.), the even more valuable part of the coaching was to become clear of my goals and what I need to do to achieve them. I learned a lot about myself, what I really want to do in my life, what I am good at, and what/ how I can improve.”

Selma Koso

”Thanks to the professional, present and patient coaching I received, I now have a wider and more confident approach, not just within my self, but also on my leadership. The coaching provided me with useful tools to sharpen certain leadership skills. Coaching gives a great boost in energy and most importantly provides you with insights that will take the leadership to another level.”

Leif Nahnfeldt

”For me it’s been crucial to have this regular support and training to maintain good health and the sense of meaningful growth as an individual and as head of a unit. Thankful for that period of coachning.”

Alexander Neuschmid
Junior Operations Controller
Red Bull

”The MFIN coaching was invaluable for me and my future career. The sessions helped me tremendously in getting to know myself better and in coming up with an action plan for moving forward in my life. My coach is a remarkable coach for many reasons. She is incredibly passionate, empathetic, and insightful. Without her insights and her support, I would still be unaware about attractive alternative paths that lead the way to my long-term goals. She really cares about your progress and how you feel. With her help I have learnt to embrace small changes that have a considerable impact on your daily life. In my case, the most important ones were a change in self-perception and an enhanced understanding of my circle of competence. Thank you so much for this invaluable experience and for all the insights!”

Alexey Lukin
Head of Demand Planning and Business Analytics
Throw Nutrition

”Coaching sessions helped me to look at myself from the outside. It was difficult to get out of comfort zone, but it was very helpful. I had to think about questions that were important to me, but which I never wanted to ask myself, because it caused discomfort. And the answers to them, could be the key to the next step in development. My coach seemed to ask simple questions, but they help to look at the situation from the outside and see that there is another point of view and try to understand it. This, for example, helps to accept failure, try to understand why it happened. But besides my own emotions I now try to take into account other participants’ point of view. This works better than just asking yourself a question “Why did it happen?”, staying only in the framework of your opinion and emotions.I also understood that theories work. We all know, theories exist. But, sometimes, we throw them away like: “Well, this is obvious! What’s so good about trying it?” or, without even trying, we say: “No, it won’t work!” But you’ll never know if you don’t try. And you may have to try more than once. And, maybe, more than once you will want to stop. Coaching helps (step by step) to analyze, adjust, and try again – to act in accordance with the PDCA cycle (Plan-Do-Check-Act). So I have learned to be more proactive, which brought me positive results at my work. And I had to try something more than once. Main idea – I now try to ask myself some questions, moving from the zone of emotions to the zone of useful debriefing. I express my gratitude to my coach and wish her every success in her work!”

Karin Petterson
Head of Sourcing & Business Partner

”It was very valuable to be challenged in thinking out of the box, widening my perspectives and find solutions sometimes outside my comfort zone. I was very impressed by how the coach, through a mix of knowledge, extensive experience and a high level of personal engagement, managed to made me feel I was walking out of each session having achieved something positive. Sometimes small steps and sometimes large steps forward, but always steps forward”.

Henrik Harryson
Business Development & Growth

”For me, coaching was very important for mainly three reasons. Firstly, during my sessions, I gained more insights into myself and how I really want to spend my professional life and personal life and tools for managing the balance between the two which was incredibly valuable. The second reason I found it valuable was to identify individual strengths (and weaknesses) which was incredibly valuable for personal development and to be able to learn more about oneself and to be able to identify future opportunities in professional and personal life. Thirdly, and one of the most professionally satisfying parts of having a coach, there is someone who asks pointed questions, makes you think one step further in all situations regarding development, professional questions and motivation. To have someone who really wants you to succeed and kindly questions, make you ponder and reflect further about questions regarding all things professional and private has been invaluable.”

Joanna Lundmark

”My coaching experience with my coach has been incredibly rewarding, offering invaluable insights during our conversations. The practical strategies I acquired have become essential in both my professional and personal life. In my daily work, which consists of numerous customer and entrepreneur meetings, I’ve developed sharpness and assertiveness. In my personal life, I’ve learned to set boundaries while maintaining healthy relationships. I wholeheartedly recommend The Roll as an exceptionally skilled coach.”.