New partnership personalized career management

Exparang, a modern AI-enabled and data-driven recruitment platform, is changing the way executives find opportunities. Their service anonymously connects members with strategic job openings from some of Sweden’s top companies.

Recently the firm has announced a partnership with The Roll in which its members will receive access to discounted executive coaching sessions. As part of this agreement Exparang is offering all those in The Roll’s professional network the opportunity to join its invite only platform.

Carl Schander, CEO and Co-founder of Exparang had this to say on the recent announcement.


”At Exparang, we open doors to self-fulfilment. Over time, we want to give our members access to personally meaningful and rewarding professional opportunities. It’s our ambition to provide members with a palette of career management services to help them reach their goals. Thanks to our partnership with The Roll, our members can now find help in navigating their careers and deciding on which doors to open”





Grant Calder, CEO and Founder of The Roll had similar positive words about the recently announced strategic partnership.

“At The Roll, we coach people to realize their full potential; personally, professionally and as leaders. When it comes to career path coaching our ambition is to provide a structured process, which combines pragmatic tools and deep reflection to get results.

Thanks to our partnership with the talented team at Exparang we can now combine coaching with their AI driven recruitment platform to achieve the highest client aspirations and great matching opportunities!”


If you are a current client of The Roll and wish to take advantage of this exclusive offer send an email to

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