Frida Alderin Harling

Frida is a certified coach, lawyer, and founder of Ethico that offers a unique combination of coaching and legal advice: Tools to find your own answers and clear advice when needed. With a background in property and family law, Frida coaches, designs, and facilitates development programs in the areas of leadership, business, and career development for individuals.

As a coach, Frida help leaders and high performers reach their full potential by exploring their values and setting meaningful goals. Focus is getting to know your strengths and core values to create your own definition of success and well-being. Frida wants to inspire people to work smarter and not harder, to lower obstacles instead of doing more.

Together with Frida, you will get the opportunity to dive deep into what is important for you: To feel good, to develop and to contribute to your surroundings. She will ask you those questions that no one else does and be an invaluable cheerleader, but above all she will challenge you and your chosen beliefs.


  • CF Certified Coach (ACC)
  • Mental Training (Global Yoga)
  • Master’s in business law from Jönköping International Business school and University of Waikato, New Zealand.  


  • Lawyer, expertise within property and family law
  • Experienced and appreciated lecturer
  • Author of a book in new production law
  • In 2021 Frida was recognized by Nova Talent as one of Sweden’s most talented young professionals
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