Oren Ipp

Oren has been working in the service of others for more than 25 years. He spent many years in foreign aid, designing, managing and evaluating multi million-dollar programs and campaigns in Asia, the Middle East and Africa. Oren also worked in education, teaching at New York University, running university programs in Poland and Argentina, and leading groups on self-discovery journeys through Central America.

Today, Oren brings his diverse background into a coaching practice that focuses on personal transformation as a driver of social change. He coaches activists, entrepreneurs and innovators to lead lives of meaning, service, passion and balance. Oren also facilitates groups, from strategy workshops and annual meetings to sessions on personal growth.

For Oren, coaching is a structured way to explore and reflect on what is truly important to us, and take action that is aligned with who we really are. He believes that through coaching we discover and dismantle the narratives that run our lives. Cultivating greater awareness of ourselves allows us, at any moment, to choose between our self-limiting conversations and our greatness.


  • ICF Certified Coach
  • ACC Certified Coach
  • Masters Degree in International Policy Studies, Stanford University


“Oren has a unique ability to bring a room full of strangers together to collectively venture into deep conversations. Through his masterful facilitation and insightful questions, Oren refocuses us on the discussions that really matter. He artfully creates an environment that not only provides a space for social entrepreneurs to reflect on and share our own experiences, he gently pushes us beyond that – equipping us with the skills and confidence to also actively listen to and coach each other. As a result of working with Oren, we, as changemakers, are able to move forward more focused, more grounded and more energised to continue our challenging and important work.” 

Make A Difference (MAD)