Rebecka Sandelin

Rebecka has a background in Health Economics and started her career in the pharmaceutical industry. Her experience includes various positions from expert roles to leadership and director positions. Today she is a dedicated company owner and professional coach working with a wide range of companies and individuals.

Rebecka is genuinely interested in people and systems growth, with a particular passion to unlock inner potential. She has a strong belief that under the right conditions, everything is possible. Even though the sky is the limit, the coaching process offers great respect for the specific situation of the individual.

A coaching session with Rebecka will include full presence, intuitive guiding, honest communication and strong support in enabling decisions to live the life of dreams. The solution to problems is oftentimes multidimensional, with respect to both mental, physical and spiritual health. Whatever the issue, it will benefit from zooming out and seeing the whole picture.


  • Diploma as Coach in Psychosynthesis
  • ORSC Graduated Systems Coach
  • Health Coach, Paleo Institute


  • Executive coaching
  • Pair and systems coaching
  • Conflict management
  • Leadership development