SSE’s LeadershipLive Program Takes Off

Grant Calder, CEO of The Roll and Head Coach at the Stockholm School of Economics’s is now responsible for coaching in the LeadershipLive program and helping to promote soft skills and self-development.

The program runs as part of The Stockholm School of Economics executive education curriculum, where participants are supported to better understand the strengths and weaknesses of themselves and others, enhancing collaboration.

“One of the main soft skills we work on is the ability to build good relationships with people,” says Calder. “Everything gets done through people, so people’s feelings matter. How do you communicate with someone who is totally different from you or have the emotional intelligence to stand in someone else’s shoes?”

The SSE MBA has been designed to ensure participants learn from each other’s perspectives. This includes peer-to-peer coaching, in which students are paired up for the duration of their studies.

“We teach them the basic coaching skills, and they then coach each other and take that learning back into their organizations,” Calder says. There is also considerable focus in group sessions on understanding lessons from neuroscience. “We look to help people understand how they react to things and how to better manage not only your time but also your mind,” says Calder.

Ultimately, the coaching is intended to create more self-aware leaders with the confidence to raise their standards and expect more from their careers and themselves. “Where can you contribute the most unique value?” asks Calder. “People get the confidence to go after their bigger goals and the tools to make things happen. It’s like rocket fuel.”

This was certainly true for Paul Seimann, Head of Austria Open Market Business, who earned a promotion only two months after finishing the program. He says the tools and models he learned will help him for the rest of his life.“The program equipped me with new energy and the self-confidence to aim much higher than before,” he adds. “I now look differently on my colleagues and managers and can support them when we face tough challenges. I’ve also found the learnings to be applicable to my private life.”



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