The Roll’s Workshop in Danderyd

Two weeks ago, The Roll arranged an internal workshop, facilitated by our CEO Grant Calder, to build greater trust amongst the team and gain a sense of clarity on the critical success factors for the release of our upcoming software solution “Flyt.”

Workshops are one of our most popular professional training methods used by clients to increase team performance in a way that develops trust and a clear shared objective. For such workshops, the quality of the group facilitator is crucial as it is they who set the pace and ensure participants remain engaged with the activities, taking breaks when needed. This is why our facilitators all come from experienced backgrounds with both academic and practical qualifications.

So that our clients get the most out of these events, our workshops include semi-structured downtime between the day’s activities so that the group gets a chance to reflect on their learnings and bond with one another.

The Roll’s workshop in Danderyd had 4 essential elements: Questioning, Brainstorming, Idea Classification, and The creation of an action plan.

The first exercise completed in Roll’s workshop was The Circle of Concern vs The Circle of Influence. This involved promoting the team into thinking unconventionally by introducing a specific problem to be solved in a limited time while encouraging the solutions to ignore plausibility.

After problems were identified, the next process was Brainstorming.


In this phase, the focus was put on ensuring the team didn’t miss out on any possibilities and details about product design, with some rapid-fire information being provided by our head developer and product owner. This made the group go into a highly creative mode, and at the end of the process, over 60 different ideas had been collectively produced.

The ideas were then grouped together according to their resource requirements and potential for impact on the final outcome, and in the end, a few possible solutions were settled on.

During this exercise, our CEO Grant led the group to generate unique ideas through open discussions, acting as the facilitator. Many hidden problems were discovered and subsequently prioritized to solve, and eventually, the innovative ideas generated were incorporated into a visible design that we hope to use to make a more complete product.

As well as the product-oriented activities, a picture matching game was held to help the team get to know each other better. Using pictures to describe ourselves, interesting discussions about our goals, dreams, ambitions, and work values arose.


By doing this, we reached a more mutual understanding of the things that drive us to contribute to the growth of the company and the modes of cooperation we are looking for at The Roll. Everyone paid attention to the co-workers they work most closely with to learn how to adapt for them in a better way and help them grow.

Since the event was held, our team has noticed significant benefits to the amount of proactive action taken around the office.  We’ve been acting more creatively with benefits seen in the cooperation to the quality of our work. The team at The Roll is now more aligned around the shared vision of where we’re going as a company with the level of trust and understanding between the group being higher than ever before.These lasting effects can be attributed to The Roll’s, and specifically Grant Calder’s wealth of experience in facilitating and delivering workshops.

Has this article sparked an interest in using one of The Roll’s workshops to elevate your team’s level of alignment and trust?

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