The Theory of Wellbeing


After the spread of COVID-19 pandemic, arranging online meetings has become the “new normal”. According to statistics, Zoom had over 300 million online meetings per day in May 2020 versus 10 million per day in December 2019. Online meetings and webinars have grown in popularity, and that is likely to continue. This new working culture means teams face new and developing challenges. Among them being professional wellbeing.

In collaboration with Exparang, The Roll held a webinar on the subject of “5 Easy Ways To Flourish At Work And In Life” in the middle of September. Attendees connected via Zoom over lunch; it’s a perfect combination to simultaneously eat lunch and learn at the same time.

Grant Calder presented the PERMA model, providing the tools to increase your personal and professional well-being.


What can we do to flourish personally and professionally?

There is no single right answer to that. But, the PERMA model can help you in the right direction. The model is a theory of well-being by the American Psychologist and Educator Martin Seligman. As a psychologist, Seligman sees that it is, regardless of an individual’s age, orientation, or status in the world – a natural instinct to search for what makes them happy.

There are five building blocks that enable flourishing:

  • Positive Emotion
  • Engagement
  • Relationships
  • Meaning
  • Accomplishment

Each attendee gets the opportunity to reflect on areas of the model. Identifying which building blocks and actions can help them to improve. By using a model to reflect, we facilitate the thought process and help to identify areas of improvement.


Inspired by the webinar, Elena Head of Marketing Nordic and Baltics at VISA invited Grant to deliver the workshop in person for some weeks ago.

Similar to the previous webinar on the PERMA model, Grant described the model to the participants and then asked them to reflect on different parts of the model before dividing them into groups to share with each other.



“Well-being is a hot topic in our company, we are a very new team and a few team members started online and never met in real life, that’s why we thought we could have this workshop as a way not only to address well-being but have an open conversation as a team. Discussing strategies to increase the levels was engaging and rewarding. We were curious about the PERMA model and even though there is no single answer to address the topic of well-being, this one is worth trying.”



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