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Trends in the workplace

Are you ready for the workplace of 2023? As we emerge from the tumultuous years of the pandemic and other global crises, the world of work is undergoing a major shift. As a leader, it’s crucial to stay on top of these changes to keep your team ahead of the game. In this post, we will dive into six key trends that will define the workplace landscape of 2023 and beyond.

Hybrid Work is The New Normal. Or not?

With the rise of remote work, many companies have been experimenting with different models for how their employees can work. It seemed like the hybrid model – where employees work from home some days and come into the office on others – became the new standard. According to the Harvard Business Review, the value of the office is in the people, not the place. When asked what would motivate people to come into the office, employees had a resounding answer: social time with coworkers.

On the other hand; the Wall Street Journal reports that as the global economy cools down, companies are reverting to traditional cost-cutting and efficiency-enhancing strategies. Some companies are questioning their employees’ work-from-home setups, believing that remote work is becoming less efficient. Some firms are pausing new applications to work from home, while others are increasing the number of in-person workdays per week to improve productivity. The trend towards less remote work could pose challenges for some companies that have grown used to remote work, but executives seem to be favoring the benefits of in-person work, especially in a year of efficiency where trust and human connections are crucial.

Disruptive Companies

One of the most significant trends is the rise of disruptive companies. We are seeing more and more businesses pop up that are shaking things up in their respective industries. This means that established companies and their staff may need to adapt quickly to keep up, which could lead to more mergers and acquisitions, as well as increased investment in research and development.

Measuring Everything; Creativity is Dead?

With new AIs popping up every day, creating an ad or writing an interesting text will be faster for many creatives. Will it lead to creative work becoming boring or bland? Or will the AI spice things up a bit in the creative fields? The thoughts on that issue are many, but we will see a lot more of AI-generated advertising and media buying during 2023 than we ever have before. This changes the whole industry of communication, affecting many jobs. People must learn new skill sets fast, putting even more pressure on leaders and employees.

Shifting Priorities

While “woke-ism” was a big buzzword in the past, it seems like people are becoming more interested in addressing real-world problems like war, food production, and climate change. This means that businesses may need to adjust their messaging and marketing strategies to reflect these changing priorities.

Layoffs and Competition

Unfortunately, it’s likely that we’ll continue to see layoffs and workforce reductions in some industries. This could create a more competitive environment for those who are still employed, as there will be fewer opportunities for promotions and salary increases. However, it could also mean that top performers have more chances to shine and advance within their organizations. And, there will be new jobs in new industries.

KPI and OKR Tracking

As companies become more focused on productivity and profitability, we may see more tools that allow managers to track employee performance and measure key performance indicators (KPIs) and Objectives and Key Results (OKRs). This could be helpful for identifying areas of improvement and recognizing top performers, but it is still important to have a culture of coaching leadership where employees thrive. This is an important balance moving forward into spring and summer of 2023.

In conclusion, it is impossible to say for sure what the future holds, but it is always interesting to speculate. As a leader, it is essential to stay aware of these trends and adapt accordingly.

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