Working from home vs at the office

In the almost post-Corona world we’re living in at this moment many now have the choice to work either from home or at the office. This can be a very easy decision for some, but a much harder one for others. That’s why we list the pros and cons of each option in this article – so you can be well-informed and choose what suits you the best.

Working from home


– Less time wasted
Just think about all the hours you spend every year going to and from the office. If you’re lucky enough to have a car you probably also get stuck in traffic jams now and then. Relying on SL  (if you live in Stockholm) isn’t a fantastic experience either. Trains, subways, and busses seem to be made to be either late or not working.

– More time for family and loved ones
Less transportation time furthermore means more time for your family and loved ones. No more rushing with dinners or not having time to meet your friends.

– More time for hobbies and fun
You don’t have to spend all the extra time on your friends and family, though. Why not have some extra time to engage in the activities you enjoy? You could even find a new hobby if you wanted to. Perhaps it’s time to master the Italian cuisine or buy a boat and pick up some oars?


– More conflicts
If you don’t have the luxury to live in a big enough apartment to house an office (or if you just don’t live alone) working from home can be quite a hassle. Doing a meeting over Zoom or Skype is already difficult enough, doing it when someone else is trying to do exactly the same thing two meters away from you is a real struggle. There’s also a greater risk that you misunderstand your colleagues or that they misunderstand you which, in turn, increases the number of conflicts in your life as well.

– Blurred line between work and private life
When your home is also your office it becomes a lot more arduous to clearly distinguish between time meant for work and time meant for other things. It’s the same as when the computer and email were invented. Nowadays many feel the responsibility to respond to a job-related message as soon as they see it, no matter if it’s during working hours or not.

Working at the office


– Easier communication
It’s probably no surprise that it’s easier to talk to people face to face. When your work at the office you also have the opportunity to have more relaxed conversations. The benefits of chitchatting by the water cooler shouldn’t be underestimated.

– Better team spirit
One of the hardest things to maintain if everybody works from home is a good team spirit. It all has to do with social interaction. Spending time together with others improves the relationships between you. Stronger bonds mean more efficiency and a better outcome. Plus, who doesn’t want to feel like a part of a whole?

– Office perks
Coffee, fika, and perhaps even lunch. Most offices offer their employees something to snack on or drink during the day –  free of charge. No more just regular black coffee, why not spice it up with a cappuccino or a caramel latté?

– Better work-life-balance
As mentioned before, it can be a lot easier to strike a balance between your job and your private life if your home isn’t also your working place. When you’re at work then you can focus on working and when you’re home you can focus on your private life.


– Transportation time
If you don’t live next to the office you’re going to have to spend some time to get there and get back. Crowded busses, stinky trains, and traffic from hell are all normal occurrences in Stockholm.

– Less time spent with the people you’re living with
Maybe you have an amazing roommate or a family member that loves the same stuff as you (or at least don’t do the things that annoy you). If your work somewhere else you won’t be able to see them as much.

– Lunch prep
For those of us that can’t afford to eat out every lunch, it’s definitely a hassle to prepare what to eat the coming day. You don’t have any leftovers left? Great, now you have to cook something from scratch or survive off of pesto pasta.

– Risk of getting sick
The more people you spend time with the higher the risk is of catching something. It might just be a cold, but those aren’t very fun either.

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